Being Curious

What does it meant to be a curious person? A curious person will always ask themselves questions, and he or she will try their best to find their answer in whichever medium. So how do we cultivate one? By editing this essay I find out that there are some things that I’m still unfamiliar about. By not knowing something, and the urge of knowing what it is will eventually led me to the word ‘curiosity’. I think that by doing these kinds of research will encourage us to become a more curious person.


Editing Issues

Well, I have edited my essay my correcting my grammar mistakes and all. I have adjusted a number of phrases to better sentences. I have also added some Vocabulary into it. Maybe that would help t build a better overall essay.

Revision Techniques

By revising what I have written, I think that’s the best way of revising my work. Checking things like grammar errors and attempting to use better examples are things that I am still working on. In terms of learning new things, I have pick up a lot of ideas how genetic modified food works actually. I came to understand why it exists, and many of its advantages and disadvantages.

What preparations have been made for my final essay

I have been doing constant research about my research topic to find out if there are any more critical reasons that can counter what my assumption is. I believe that genetic food engineering should be ban altogether. I have added in more and more examples to support my views. Compared to other drafts, I feel that I am improving on my essay 4, as there are more solid reasons and examples stated than every previous draft. I think i’m doing very fine in researching and dropping down notes. I personally find that citation is the toughest part.

Believes and assumptions that my peers gave me

I have found out that I need to work a lot more about my third point as there are not enough examples previously. Also, I have a hidden forth point as well, so I add in more examples to support what was discovered in GM food that affects the environment. I will try to continue structure my essay in a way where my points would flow. SO I would talk more about world hunger on the first part and zoom in on why this GM food exist to help us out. For the second part, I then zoom in on the other side of what GM food is. I look thorough examples to support what is being said on my essay as well. By discussing the fact about the harms and wellness of what GM food can do to humans, my third point zooms in on what GM food can affect our ecology as well.

Thoughts About My Essay

I feel that I need to add more length in my essay. Basically I have only written some parts of the first 2 views, which is that GM food can actually helps people in solving world hunger issue and also harms people’s health on the other hand. I think they know about what GM food is actually all about and why are they created in the first place. I think that my topic is rather interesting because GM food is present in our everyday lives yet we pay so title attention to the genes in the food we ate everyday. Most people only care about how fatty food can be but little will notice how food with special genes can also harm people as well, for example, food allergy. I believe that I just need to add more length to my essay and work on my citations.

My 3 views

My question for my research topic is: How have GM food been reliable in solving world hunger issues and ameliorate our health concerns?

My first view to my research is that some GM food were inserted with wide varieties of minerals and nutrients, which help in terms of the quality and quantity of the crops produced. Counties like African were told to grow more GM food as it will be more efficient for them to live through the wars and unstable economy. Bigger countries with massive amount of population like China, are also taking steps to approach using this method as they see fit.

My second view to my research is that GM food however has raises many health concerns issues. Critics argue that GM food has been a problem due to those unnatural traits inserted to crops. People starts to have more and more allergies to food, yet the best part is that some scientists are sill discovering on what exactly is present 100% on a specific crop. Due to this factor, many has confronted the government to stop producing GM food since they are mostly unnatural and contains harmful substance like pest-resistance chemicals.

My third view to my research is that GM food has been doubtful for whether is it beneficial or harmful to our natural environment. There are said to be environment friendly, since most crops nowadays are pest resistance crops which reduces the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides which devastated the land, water cycle and led to air pollution. However, by having to grow such crops, the natural cycle of food chain will be affected. For example, pest that fed on those crops may die and other predators that fed on those pest may be affected as well. Also, our natural diversity will be affected. Cross-pollination of GM food and organic food may destroy what we originally have.

So, should we rely on GM food?